What is Alcantara?

Material. Touch. Versatility. Technology. Invention. Made in Italy. Sustainability. Lifestyle. Art. Fashion. Luxury. Research.

These key words describe Alcantara’s multi-faceted universe, capable of dressing both an individual and the industry with a uniqueness that is simply unparalleled. Alcantara is much more than a brand. It is where Made in Italy and design unite, in a material that is constantly evolving and ever-changing. The Company was founded in Italy, and it brings Italian values to every corner of the globe. As a material that combines aesthetics and performance, Alcantara is a tool with a contemporary, global, and kaleidoscopic style.

Alcantara is the magic word that opens the door to an emotional feel, one that steers design towards new horizons of experimentation. The use of this material continues apace, tirelessly moving forward on an evolutionary journey, facilitated by an unrelenting search for new frontiers of application. The influence of Alcantara extends into the sphere of international taste, lending a touch of originality – the core component of its DNA – to strategies, events and initiatives.

A combination of special surface finishes, colours and designs, providing endless possibilities for customizing the product.

Printing, perforation, laser-cutting, foils and resins, embroidery, electro-welding, embossing, engraving and weaving are just some of the effects Alcantara offers, as well as pairings with other luxury materials, from fabrics to leather, wood to carbon fibre. Add to this an infinite palette of colours, often created specifically for the application in question, as well as a host of different designs and patterns, and the potential for customizing the material is almost infinite.

Alcantara is a versatile brand which can evolve and change to meet the needs of the market, and to satisfy even the most challenging and extreme requests. For us, exclusive tailor-made means exploiting the extraordinary possibilities of material to create an infinite number of “languages”, expressions and exclusive solutions, meeting the specific needs of each of our customersAll this make the material unique and extraordinary.